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What is the Royal Palace of Naples?

The Royal Palace of Naples, also known as the Palazzo Reale di Napoli, is a historical gem in the heart of the city that served as the official residence of rulers for centuries. It has served as a royal residence for Spanish and later Bourbon monarchs, showcasing opulent Baroque and Neoclassical architecture. Today, it stands as a museum and cultural heritage site, displaying art, historic artifacts, and the rich history of Naples' royal past.

Quick Facts About the Royal Palace of Naples

Royal Palace of Naples
  • Also known as: Palazzo Reale di Napoli
  • Location: Piazza del Plebiscito, 1, 80132 Naples NA, Italy
  • Built: Originally built in the 17th century.
  • Function: Royal residence, governance
  • Architects: Domenico Fontana, Luigi Vanvitelli, and others
  • Architectural style: Baroque, Neoclassical
  • Number of Visitors Per Year: Approximately 2,00,000 visitors

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Royal Palace of Naples Location


Address: Piazza del Plebiscito, 1, 80132 Napoli NA, Italy
The Royal Palace of Naples is located centrally in the city of Naples

What to see at the Royal Palace of Naples

Royal Palace of Naples Historic Apartment

Historic Apartment

Explore the opulent Historic Apartment in the Royal Palace of Naples, a lavish residence filled with rich history and exquisite furnishings. Walk through the rooms where royalty once lived and discover their captivating stories

Gallery of Time at the Royal Palace of Naples

The Gallery of Time

Immerse yourself in the Galleria del Tempo, a journey spanning 2,500 years of Naples' history. From Greco-Roman roots to UNESCO World Heritage recognition, this multimedia experience brings the city's evolution to life. Encounter holographic figures from Angevin and Aragonese courts, explore the viceregal and Bourbon eras, and relive the 20th century through cinematic excerpts. Don't miss the vibrant contemporary alley.

Enrico Caruso Museum

Caruso Museum

Step into the world of Enrico Caruso, one of history's greatest tenors, at the Caruso Museum. Discover not just memorabilia, but a wonder-filled space with 3D animations, multimedia platforms, and musical stations. Explore his profound impact on Italian artists and the entertainment industry. It's a tribute to an unparalleled singer and Italian culture.

Courtyard to the Garden at the Royal Palace of Naples

Gardens and Courtyards

Wander through the enchanting gardens and courtyards of the Royal Palace. These outdoor spaces, filled with greenery and historical charm, offer a serene escape in the heart of Naples. Explore their beauty and discover hidden corners of tranquility.

Collections at the Royal Palace of Naples

Tapestries at the Royal Palace of Naples

The Tapestries

The Royal Tapestry Factory, a grand project initiated by Charles of Bourbon in 1737, wove intricate tales on the palace walls. Notable works like the "Portrait of Charles of Bourbon" and the captivating "Four Elements" series adorned its grandeur.

Furnishings of the Royal Palace of Naples

The Furnishings

Palace furnishings offer a journey through time, from Charles III's regal armchairs to the opulent Empire-style pieces of the Napoleonic era. Witness the fusion of French influence and Baroque revival during the Restoration period.

The Paintings at the Royal Palace of Naples

The Paintings

Step into the Picture Gallery, a treasure trove of artistic expression. Admire Massimo Stanzione's poignant "Vestition of S. Aspreno" and Luca Giordano's enchanting "Venus, Love, and a Satyr." Here, diverse schools of art converge.

The Watch at Royal Palace of Naples

The Watches

Palazzo Reale's clock collection, a testament to horological artistry, features gems like the rare Clay Machine and timepieces with a Napoleonic flair. Gioacchino and Carolina Murat brought exquisite clocks to complete the regal ambiance.

Sculptures at Royal Palace of Naples

The Sculptures

Discover the palace's captivating sculpture collection, a blend of styles and eras. Giuseppe Canart's "Fortuna" fountain welcomes you, while iconic statues on the facade pay homage to Naples' illustrious kings. Raffaele Belliazzi's Charles of Bourbon stands tall, beckoning with history and artistry.

History of Royal Palace of Naples In A Nutshell

Nestled in the heart of Naples, the Royal Palace stands as a witness to centuries of Italian history. Built in the 17th century for Spanish viceroys, its architecture blends Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical styles. This opulent palace symbolizes Neapolitan culture and heritage.

During the Bourbon dynasty's reign in the 18th and 19th centuries, led by King Charles III, Naples became a cultural capital, attracting luminaries like Goethe and Mozart. The palace thrived as the center of court life and intellectual exchange.

In the 19th-century Italian Unification movement, the Royal Palace played a pivotal role. It became a stronghold for revolutionary activities and a meeting point for figures striving for Italian unity.

Adding to its allure are lesser-known stories, like hidden underground tunnels connecting the palace to Castel dell'Ovo, offering secret escape routes for the nobility during unrest. This blend of history and mystery makes the Royal Palace of Naples an enchanting testament to the past, preserving Italy's cultural heritage.

Bourbon Family

The influence of the Bourbon family in Naples during the 18th and 19th centuries was transformative, elevating the city into a cultural capital of Europe. Under the enlightened rule of King Charles III and his successors, Naples flourished as a vibrant center of arts, literature, and music. The Bourbon Court attracted renowned luminaries such as Goethe and Mozart, who contributed to Naples' cultural prominence.

The royal patronage and support for the arts resulted in the establishment of numerous cultural institutions, theaters, and academies. The city became a hub for intellectual exchange and artistic expression. The Bourbon monarchs' focus on urban development and architectural projects enhanced the city's allure.

Their progressive policies also encouraged the spread of education and learning, leading to a thriving intellectual and creative atmosphere. As a result, Naples emerged as a distinguished cultural capital that left an enduring impact on European art and society.

Architecture & Design of Royal Palace of Naples

Erected during the 17th century, the palace presents a breathtaking fusion of architectural styles, boasting influences from Baroque, Neoclassical, and Renaissance periods. Its magnificence is immediately apparent, with an expansive facade stretching over 110 meters, adorned with intricate detailing. Renowned architects such as Domenico Fontana, Pietro Bernini, and Gaetano Genovese contributed to the palace's ornate design, a testament to their exceptional talents. Stepping inside, visitors are enraptured by the opulent interiors, adorned with frescoes, murals, and exquisite tapestries.

Among the many marvels within, the Throne Room commands awe, featuring a resplendent golden throne, custom-crafted for King Charles III. Gilded stucco work and intricate frescoes depicting Naples' illustrious history enhance the room's grandeur. The Royal Palace of Naples boasts a unique historical legacy, having once been the dwelling of the Bourbon Kings of Naples and Sicily, later serving as the Viceroy's seat during the Napoleonic era. This storied past echoes in the palace's architectural splendor, symbolizing the regal opulence of royalty.

Additionally, the palace houses the National Library of Naples, a treasure trove of rare books and manuscripts, delighting avid bibliophiles. With its rich history, majestic ambiance, and literary treasures, the Royal Palace of Naples beckons visitors to revel in the grand tapestry of art, culture, and heritage it proudly displays.

Frequently Asked Questions About Royal Palace of Naples

What is the Royal Palace of Naples?

The Royal Palace of Naples is a historic landmark located in the heart of Naples, Italy. Built in the 17th century, it served as the residence for the Bourbon Kings of Naples and Sicily. The palace showcases a magnificent blend of Baroque, Neoclassical, and Renaissance architecture and houses opulent interiors, historical artifacts, and the Teatro di Corte, one of Europe's oldest opera houses still in use.

How much are the Royal Palace of Naples tickets?

Royal Palace of Naples tickets starts from €10 when purchased online.

Who designed the Royal Palace of Naples?

The Royal Palace of Naples was designed by several architects during its construction. Notable architects who contributed to the palace's design include Domenico Fontana, Pietro Bernini, and Gaetano Genovese. These talented individuals were instrumental in creating the stunning architectural fusion that the palace is known for today.

When was the Royal Palace of Naples built?

The Royal Palace of Naples was built in 1858

Where is the Royal Palace of Naples located?

The Royal Palace of Naples is located in the heart of Naples, aking it easily accessible by a range of public transport. The address is Piazza del Plebiscito, 1, 80132 Napoli NA, Italy

What is the history of Royal Palace of Naples?

The Royal Palace of Naples, dating back to the 17th century, served as the residence of Spanish and later Bourbon monarchs. It's a symbol of Naples' cultural and historical heritage.

What are the main highlights of Royal Palace of Naples?

The Royal Palace of Naples boasts opulent historic apartments, The Gallery of Time narrating Naples' history, the Caruso Museum honoring Enrico Caruso, and serene gardens. Art, architecture, and regal splendor abound.

How can I get quicker entry into Royal Palace of Naples?

You can breeze past queues with a Skip- the-Line ticket to the Royal Palace of Naples.

What is the best time to visit Royal Palace of Naples?

The best time to visit this popular attraction will be during the early hours of the museum's opening at a weekday during the off-season. This ensures thinner crowds and a less rushed experience.

How can I get tickets to Royal Palace of Naples?

There are multiple ways to obtain tickets to the Palace. You could purchase tickets in person from the museum's ticket counters. However, be aware that queues can be long, particularly during peak tourist seasons. It is advisable to arrive early to minimize waiting times. As a result, it is recommended to purchase tickets in advance online. This allows you to select a specific date and time slot for your visit, reducing waiting times.

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